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Why I’m excited about joining Forto, and why you should be too.

A brief Q&A with newly-appointed Executive Vice President of Product Management, Kamil Rodoper     Since its humble beginning, Forto has undergone stratospheric growth. Starting with just seven employees in May 2016 and an inspired idea about building a company to disrupt the supply chain management industry, the company reached the magical 500+ employee milestone in

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Design systems: A game changer for UI development

Have you ever run into the issue of elements looking different from page to page, or had multiple teams implementing the same design in their own ways? Have you experienced your styles breaking after updating a dependency, and you had no way to find out before the changes made it into production? Have you wasted

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Sustainability in business: How to improve your environmental footprint

Sustainability is based on three pillars: environmental, social, and economical prosperity Climate neutrality means that global GHGs emissions will have to be counterbalanced by carbon reduction or sequestration Offset the remaining and unavoidable emissions allow you to reach climate neutrality   Sustainable development is defined by the capacity to meet the needs of the present

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Current Impairment: Container Ship Blocks Suez Canal

In the night from March 23 to 24, an unexpected incident occurred on the Suez Canal: The grounded container ship MV Ever Given, with a length of no less than 400 meters, blocked the whole waterway of the canal. There is no chance of passing through here at the moment.  Early reports mentioned technical problems

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Why I love being an engineer at Forto

As an engineer, my goal has always been to work in an environment that allows me to focus my time and expertise where they are most needed–solving complex challenges. This is exactly what I have at Forto. Here my time is well respected, my opinions are heard, I’m part of a talented team, and I’m

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Welcome to the Forto technology team blog

Oh no, not another tech blog! On the day we launched this blog in March 2021, the internet had more than 600 million blog posts! [According to internetlivestats.com]. That’s a very big number. Even if you discount the blogs that are not of interest (to me), irrelevant, or simply poorly written, you’d still need several lifetimes

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