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E-Com Seller Secrets

E-Com Seller Secrets
USA Expansion with Till Andernach

To successfully scale your online business, you can either scale your own online store or grow with Amazon. That's what our e-book "E-Com Seller Secrets" is all about. In six compact steps, we and our USA expert Till Andernach will give you the most important recommendations to get off to a flying start in the USA.

Save cost by switching your freight forwarder

In the global transport process, situations can arise in which you have to change your service provider, especially your logistics service providers. This is easier said than done. This checklist will help you take the appropriate steps so that nothing falls aside.

Facing change digitally

Logistics and supply chain are facing the challenge of becoming ever greener. CO2 emissions need to be mastered, and the IMO 2020 must be complied with. In detailed background reports and exclusive interviews, you will learn more about current climate protection initiatives and solution strategies to meet the change digitally.

Incoterms 2020: Summary of the most important innovations

Incoterms such as EXW or FOB are an essential part of most sales contracts. In September 2019, the ICC published the Incoterms 2020. They supplement and simplify the existing clauses. We explain the most important changes and innovations in this practical PDF document.

Outlook IMO 2020: What you should know

We understand that the prospect of the IMO 2020 gives you a certain degree of uncertainty about the current price development. In this document we answer the most important questions regarding the implementation of the new regulation and give you our assessment of the consequences for the industry.

The 7 most common mistakes in modern logistics

Small and medium-sized companies face the challenge of making logistics processes more efficient and future-proofing their business models. Technology can help them to optimize their processes and grow faster. But there are some persistent misconceptions about the digitalization of the logistics industry. We have compiled a list of these and explain how to overcome them.

Shipment Health: Successful data exchange always and everywhere

Die Wichtigkeit der Schifffahrtsindustrie für den Welthandel wird durch den Umstand verdeutlicht, dass die Leistungsfähigkeit und das Zusammenspiel der verschiedenen Agenten und Dienstleister an einem Schiff- fahrtsprozess direkte Auswirkungen auf Sie und Ihre Kunden haben. Einer der Schlüsselfaktoren, die die globalen Lieferketten und Leistungsfähigkeit der verschiedenen Dienstleister im Fracht- prozess beeinträchtigen, ist die Art und Weise, in der sie die Informationen und Daten zu den Frachtsendungen überwachen, verfolgen und verwalten.

3 ways to optimize your working capital

Hinter dem Begriff Betriebskapital verbirgt sich die Differenz zwischen dem Umlaufvermögen und kurzfristigen Verbindlichkeiten. In diesem Whitepaper zeigen wir Ihnen, wie auch Sie Ihr Betriebskapital mit Hilfe digitaler Lösungen optimieren können.

More transparency in your supply chain

At Forto, we know that technology is only part of the solution, the other half can only be provided by human intelligence. We have therefore developed a technical-human hybrid solution to provide our customers with the best possible transportation solution and experience. Always and at all times.
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