Making a difference

Make your supply chain more sustainable by going climate-neutral. Meet your corporate responsibility goals while realizing efficiency gains – a win-win for your business and our planet.

Gain clarity about your transport emissions and compensate by supporting climate protection projects.


We make the emissions
of your shipments visible
in your customised dashboard.


We double all of
your CO₂ compensations
for an even greater impact.

Carbon neutral

All Sea LCL shipments
will be 100% carbon-neutral
by default – no additional cost.

"The logistics industry presents great potential when it comes to contributing to a more sustainable future.

We see it as our responsibility to move first and use this leverage to help our industry to transform.”

Michael Wax

Co-Founder & CEO


Track your Climate Impact

With our emissions dashboard, you have full transparency over your transport emissions. It enables you to monitor and compare your emissions among the transport modes. Offset all of your future shipments by default by using the green shipping mode.

Sustainability Dashboard - Mockup

We double your emission compensation

Carriers worldwide are currently working on developing zero-emission transport options. Meanwhile, we encourage you to compensate 100% of the emissions caused by your transports today. For a greater impact for our planet, we commit to double the compensations for all of your emissions offset booked with us.

Enjoy CO₂ neutrality for all LCL shipments by default

We believe it is important to lead by example, therefore, all of your LCL sea shipments booked with Forto are already 100% carbon-neutral with no additional costs to you.

Reduce your carbon footprint – we support you in making a positive impact.


Take action and shape the future of sustainable logistics with us.


Learn more about Forto’s efforts to protect our climate.