Making a difference

Help your supply chain to be more sustainable by going climate-neutral. Meet your corporate responsibility goals while realizing efficiency gains – a win-win for your business and our planet.

Future proof your business and translate complex sustainability questions into actionable opportunities for a greener future.


A clean view over your transport emissions with complete and detailed reports.


Choose better for your supply chain. Compensating for your emissions is a click away.


Receive a certificate for your climate contribution.

"The logistics industry presents great potential when it comes to contributing to a more sustainable future.

We see it as our responsibility to move first and use this leverage to help our industry to transform.”

Michael Wax

Co-Founder & CEO


Track your
climate Impact

Bring your impact forward with accurate CO2 emissions data for your sustainability reporting needs – see clearly across transport modes and gather actionable insights on reduction opportunities over time.

Track your climate impact with Forto freight forwarding
Sustainable choice with Forto logistics solutions

Make the
sustainable choice

You can now offset your transports with Forto across transport modes, with a click. What’s more, all of your LCL shipments with Forto are always CO2 neutral.

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We work tirelessly to grow our network of sustainable service partners and develop a range of logistics solutions that make the sustainable choice accessible, economic and effortless.

Sustainability milestones with Forto sustainable logistics

Take action and shape the future of sustainable logistics with us.


Learn more about Forto’s efforts to protect our climate.