Our Mission:
Climate Action

Follow us on our journey to make global trade more sustainable and neutralize our carbon footprint.

We are in business to build a more responsible society.

To protect our planet, all players in global trade are required to take action. Freight transport is still responsible for more than 6 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions. The climate goals set forth in the Paris Agreement, require human-caused carbon emissions to reach net zero by 2050.


We strongly support this ambition: Making global trade more sustainable is an essential part of our corporate vision. All our efforts contribute to neutralizing our carbon footprint and having a positive impact on the environment. In addition, we motivate and enable our customers to make responsible choices and make their transports climate neutral.

"To secure the prosperity of future generations, we are doing our best to transform global trade into a more sustainable industry."

Dr. Michael Ardelt

Managing Director


Our contribution to our environment

Determination and compensation of our internal carbon footprint

Every year, we calculate the amount of emissions generated per employee that could not be avoided in advance. The resulting carbon footprint for the entire company is compensated by supporting climate action projects worldwide.


Sustainable work environment

Our offices are equipped with energy-efficient electronics, we are using green electricity, offer our employees only local vegan organic food and work completely paperless wherever possible.

Raise sustainability awareness and scale up climate action

To actively plan and drive sustainability initiatives we formed our internal Climate Action Group. Every employee can participate in sustainability workshops, climate strikes and can listen to inspiring kitchen talks.

Conscious transport – also offered to our employees

With the help of our environmentally friendly travel policy, we strongly encourage our employees to use only rail and public transport for business trips within Germany. In addition, we offer leasing of company bicycles.

Tree awards program for employees

When special milestones are reached, Forto plants a tree in the name of the awarded employee. Thanks to this program, we have already planted more than 3,500 mahogany trees in Mexico, which can store around 875 tons of CO₂ during their lifetime.

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