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We provide groundbreaking, scalable, digital logistics technology and services that go far beyond point-to-point transportation.

Make better business

  • Easy

    Benefit from intuitive plug-and-play digital solutions that solve the complexity of your supply chain and are easy to use.

  • Reliable

    Take advantage of accurate real-time data empowering you and your team to drive better business decisions.

  • Efficient

    Streamline your logistics processes and move from reactive to proactive mode. Know exactly what is happening where, when and why.

Our ideas, visions and technology are powered by a great team and a unique culture.

We harmonize technology and logistical know-how in a powerful way.


Forto is founded under the name FreightHub by Ferry Heilemann, Erik Muttersbach, Michael Wax, and Dr. Fabian Heilemann.


We become a Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC).


We are licensed by the IATA.

Fall 2019

We raise 30 million USD in a series B round.

May 2019

We open our first office in China. 30+ new colleagues join the team.

Stay ahead with one unified digital system and gain end-to-end control over your entire supply chain processes.


Sea freight is the most efficient way to ship your goods if you ship high volumes and want to save on transportation cost. We globally handle more than 40+ trade lanes.


Airfreight is the quickest way to get your goods shipped. We cooperate directly with airlines worldwide, thanks to our IATA license.


Rail freight is the ideal compromise between sea and air freight in terms of prices and transit times and offers you environmentally friendly transports between Europe and Asia.


With multimodal transport, you can combine the advantages of different forms of transport, compare and book different offers creating a transport solution that best fits your needs.


FortoX, our latest product, is purpose-built to help you manage your own supply chain from order to goods receipt so you can make better business decisions.

No more out-of-stock messages. FortoX allows you to monitor your inventory at order and/or product level and can be customized to your individual business needs.

We are a pioneering force in the world of digital logistics.

Our technology plus our logistics expertise makes for a powerful combination.

"Without our logistics experts, our technology is worthless."

Erik Muttersbach, Managing Director & Founder

"Without our technology, we are normal, but extremely good logisticians."

Dr.-Ing Michael Ardelt, Managing Director

"Withour our technology, we're normal, but extremely good logisticians.

Dr.-Ing Michael Ardelt, COO

"Without our logistics experts, our technology is worthless"

Erik Muttersbach, CTO & Gründer

You are in good company.

We are proud to be partners with more than 2,500+ customers.

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