Work smarter
with Forto

Digitize your logistics to stay competitive and drive better business decisions.


Access the benefits of the Forto technology through our customer platform or integrations to match your systems.

Friction free

Leverage the true potential of purpose built logistics technology designed to remove friction from your supply chain.

Future proof

Choose technology built to evolve with your business and customer demands.

An intuitive
digital platform

Never lose sight of your transports, from booking to delivery with our easy-to-use platform for digital logistics management.

Technology with Forto

Seamless integrations

Choose to integrate and access every benefit from our technology directly through your existing systems.

Unleash customer service

We develop our technology to empower the user by

delivering exceptional, personalized, customer expriences,

in combination with highly knowledgable experts servicing

your logistics needs.

Digitize your supply chain with Forto.

We are proud to support more than 2.500 customers, operating in more than 50 countries.

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Dinah Glenschek

Head of Supply Chain Management

“By working with Forto, we have once again increased our flexibility. At the same time, the Forto platform enables us to make efficient use of sustainable transport from Asia by rail freight and thus reduce CO2 emissions.“

rethinking Supply Chain Transparency cover

Rethinking Supply Chain Transparency

How can shippers use digital transparency to tackle some of logistics' most pressing challenges?

Download Forto’s whitepaper now to learn how companies can leverage new technologies to solve well-known supply chain visibility, flexibility, and reliability issues. Learn how real-time data helps make better business decisions, how centralized knowledge drives collaboration and communication, and how machine learning increases the reliability of your logistics.