Biofuel for
Sea Freight

Leap ahead to a more sustainable supply chain with alternative fuels to reduce maritime transport emissions.

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thrives today and tomorrow



Minimize the climate footprint of your ocean transports with no change to your current operations

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Third party certified emission reductions through advanced high quality biofuel


Pioneer sustainable logistics solutions that serve the planet and your business

Power for a
responsible future

At Forto we work to ensure your access to the highest quality 2nd generation biofuel to provide sustainable transport solutions that think beyond emissions. We select our partners carefully to ensure sustainable practices in the fuel supply and certified reductions for complete transparency and accountability.

Enjoy total transparency over impact

With Forto, you can also receive detailed reports of your transport emissions creating end-to-end emissions transparency on a shipment level. Your data is the key to incorporating emissions into your sustainability decisions, identifying emission reduction potential and taking decisive action.

True change demands
earnest partnerships

We believe transformation needs collaboration. That’s why we join forces with strong partners to reduce transport emissions. We select our biofuel partners carefully to ensure the highest quality biofuel and certified reductions for complete transparency and accountability.

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