Web-based fast track into the future

Digitalizing your logistics is easy with Forto


Designed to perform by a team of +130 Forto engineers and product managers.


Developed with the highest security standards for your data.


Enriched with data that gives you the control to improve productivity.

Discover an innovative digital logistics platform

Compare real time offers and book right away

Compare different transport options in real time with itemized shipment prices and place your online bookings in a few clicks.

The shipment visibility that you can trust

Monitor what matters most in the platform or directly in your inbox with customized notifications.

Communicate about your shipments with ease

Stay on top of things with a real time overview of all shipment activity and in-platform messaging to talk to your Forto operations team.

Documentation at your fingertips

Manage all your commercial documents and invoices digitally and with 24/7 availability, so you have them, when you need them.

Review the past, optimize the future

Make better decisions with customizable reporting for easy analysis and reporting.

All the benefits of our tech, also through integrations

We develop technology solutions for the highest performing logistics operations. Where an online platform is not the right answer, our integration capabilities offer the possibility to allow for seamless access to the benefits of our technology directly through our customers’ chosen systems.