The best service needs the best technology

Behind the screen sits a customer team powered by logistics management solutions made by Forto.

We design our tech to unleash
superior customer service

Focused visibility

Our operators have full visibility of each shipment’s health, so we can quickly focus attention where it is needed most.

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Efficient processes

Workflows, automation and digital checklists keep our teams lean and efficient.


Integrations with main transport providers reduce manual workload and improve data quality.

Designed by Forto,
built for you

We believe in deep logistics expertise and support delivered by a customer service team committed to your success. Forto designs and builds its own integrated internal toolset to give our operators accurate visibility over your shipments so they can act where and when they are needed and help you navigate international shipping with the service you deserve.

Service for peace of mind

Through smart automations, we can reduce the cases where you need to come in and make reactive decisions after disruptions happen. Thanks to our technology we know of deviations to the transport plan before they happen and can proactively adjust, solving problems before they even become a problem.

Ready for better service?

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