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Air freight playbook cover

Air Cargo Manifest: 01 Boarding - What you need to know to get your cargo in the air

Air freight is growing in popularity among shippers worldwide. Limited capacity and rising prices in the ocean freight market have led many to look to the skies in search of an alternative. With rail routes between Asia and Europe also in very limited supply, air freight is becoming increasingly important for shippers. But what exactly do you need to know to take advantage of this mode of transportation? Learn the key basics of air freight.

Air freight book 02

Air Cargo Manifest: 02 Flight Mode - From workflows to safety and documentation

Carriers, handling agents and forwarders – who does what when it comes to air freight transportation? And what is Shipper’s Letter of Instruction, Shipper’s Declaration for Dangerous Goods and Manifest, the eponymous document for this e-book series? What about customs clearance, security checks, and insurance? All of these things play an important role in air cargo. In the second edition, learn how to stay on top of things and take off with ease.

rethinking Supply Chain Transparency cover

Rethinking Supply Chain Transparency

Download Forto’s whitepaper now to learn how companies can leverage new technologies to solve well-known supply chain visibility, flexibility, and reliability issues. Learn how real-time data helps make better business decisions, how centralized knowledge drives collaboration and communication, and how machine learning increases the reliability of your logistics.

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