Seamless integrations to connect your systems

Reduce update delays and minimize manual errors with system integration

Integrations that fit your business model

We offer standard integration through public APIs or custom exchanges to make your day to day in logistics easier.

Enrich your data

Automate the send and receive of high quality information on your shipments without changing your process.

Save working time

No more working across platforms. Now, information comes to you.

Win on efficiency

Free up your team's time and focus on value adding tasks that make a difference to your customers.

Choose standard integrations to connect with us quickly and effortlessly

Book with
your TMS

Create shipments and book them directly on your own platform with our booking API.

Book with TMS and Forto
Forto digital logistics makes it easy to keep track of your containers

Retrieve milestones and events

Receive high quality real time data updates of your shipments with our event API.

Share your documents

Send and receive trade documents related to your shipments.

Keep track of your shipments with Forto woman sitting checking shipments

Looking for a unique solution?

Our custom integrations support the more sophisticated logistics set ups.


Our integration experts are ready to show you just how easy it can be. We work together with your tech team to build the best integration for your business.