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Seamless integrations.
Connect your systems.

Reduce update delays and eliminate manual errors through seamless and holistic system integration.

Integrations that fit your business model.

From public API to custom integration, we make it make your day-to-day work easier.

Enrich your data.

Receive and analyze high-quality data from real-time updates of your shipments via our Event API.

Save working time.

Create shipments and book them automatically via your corporate platform using our Booking API.

Win on efficiency.

Unleash the power of your data by generating insights and optimize your logistics performance.

Transparency between all team.

You can manage all your documents through our Platform API.

Gain efficiency through real-time notifications.

Be proactive in managing your supply chain with timely notifications.

Optimize your entire supply chain.

Use precise data evaluations to analyze and improve your supplier performance.

Take advantage of first class service.

Reliably recorded data that is available to all those involved in the process. With Forto, transport plans can be planned and implemented efficiently and collaboratively.


We contact you proactively if there are any changes in the transport plan.


Real time shipment tracking data and live updates on the status of your shipments.


Local presence and a strong network of partners with decades of experience.


Track and trace till the last meter. You know exactly the arrival time at the warehouse and can plan accordingly.

Quality assurance

With our platform you have all information about quality, quantity, or delivery time of your shipments clearly arranged in one place.

Our integration experts.

Our team of experienced technology experts looks forward to helping you.

Tillmann Rödle

Senior Product Manager, Berlin

Barzel Segal

SVP Engineering, Berlin HQ

Sebastian Glenschek

Director Sales, Bremen

Experience digital logistics.

Try our multi-functional platform and future proof your processes.

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