Own your
Supply Chain

Your business is evolving and so should your logistics.

Go beyond freight forwarding and move on to logistics services supercharged with visionary technology that takes your supply chain operations into the future.


Clarity at every defining moment

Forto launches new customer functionality for superior supply chain visibility


Work with Forto's digital solutions and operational service teams to optimize logistics processes and supply chain decisions.


Minimize complexity and administrative work across transport modes and geographies with solutions designed for simplicity and performance.


Trust a team of multidisciplinary logistics experts committed to seeing your supply chain thrive.

We move your cargo
by sea, air and land

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Sea Freight

Full-Service-freight offerings
Long-term contracts
Maersk Spot integration

Air Freight

Global reach
Strong network
Easy Process

Rail Freight

Fast and reliable
Cost effective

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Flexibility with overflows
Regular shipments
Climate friendly

Logistics technology designed
by Forto, built for you

Logistics solutions created for unmatched digital visibility and efficiency that use a combination of advanced technology and expert service to create a smooth freight forwarding experience.

We build our technology in house with an extensive team of developers and engineers who work to create digital solutions that adapt to your needs and empower excellent customer service.

Start today with a more sustainable supply chain

We want to set the standard for environmentally conscious international logistics by making sustainable transport options accessible, actionable and economic so that the green choice becomes your default choice.

You choose your transport modes.
We keep your goods moving

SEA Freight

Full-Service- freight offerings

Long-term contracts

Maersk Spot integration

air freight

Global reach

Strong network

Easy Process

rail freight

Fast and reliable

Cost effective


Move your logistics processes into the 21st century with Forto

We are proud to support 250 customers in 50+ countries.

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Dinah Glenschek

Head of Supply Chain Management

“By working with Forto, we have further increased our flexibility. At the same time, the Forto platform enables us to efficiently use sustainable transport from Asia by rail freight and thus, reduce CO2 emissions”.