Making an impact for planet, people & profit #Fortomorrow

As a child, Nina Göntgen-Voss dreamt of one day looking after the health and welfare of animals. While there’s not much call for veterinary skills in her position as Director of Sustainability at Forto, she is indirectly endeavoring to make the world a better place for all its inhabitants. She embraces her role with dedication […]

UN Climate Conference (COP26) and its Outcomes for Logistics

We are facing a global climate emergency today. All around the world, climate catastrophes such as storms, floods and wildfires are intensifying. Actions must be taken, urgently. In 2015, when the Paris Agreement was signed, almost 200 countries agreed to work together to limit global warming to well below 2 degrees and aim for 1.5 […]

Rollback faster without deploy access!

Announcing Forto’s open-source project helm-rollback-web Wouldn’t it be great if product managers/owners had the ability to hit the rollback button themselves if they realise the release their team did had unintended consequences? How about the developers themselves? Not the on-call dev, but any developer who saw the problem and could confirm it was because of […]

Automated Versioning of Terraform Modules with GitHub Actions, SemVer Style

Co-authored with the amazing Daniel Lamando   Intro Using modules to keep your Terraform code DRY is very common, but figuring out the best way to release and distribute these modules isn’t always easy. We at Forto quickly faced this struggle, as more of the organization adopted Terraform to describe their infrastructure with code. In fact, keen-eyed […]

Current Impairments: Situation at the European Container Ports of the North Sea


From the 48-Hour Regulation at the Port of Hamburg to Barges as New Storage Solution Since the beginning of the pandemic global supply chains have been disturbed. One impairment follows the next, and there seems to be little sign of a timely calming of the situation. On the contrary: In addition to the sea routes, […]

Peak Season 2021: Alternatives for Transporting Your Goods

The supply chain is currently under more pressure than ever before – and all that in the middle of the peak season. The Covid 19 pandemic is a constant source of surprises for logistics, and Golden Week in China at the beginning of October further exacerbates the situation. During this time, all factories in China […]

Peak Season 2021: What to Do Now to Secure Your Supply Chain

Major calendar events are – quite literally – casting their shadows ahead for the supply chain: Golden Week in China, Black Friday and Cyber Monday on November 26 and 29, and of course Christmas holidays and also Chinese New Year are already just a few logistics steps away. All of these events mean one in […]

After 5 five amazing years, the journey with Forto has only just begun

Five years is a long time in the life of a start-up. Lots of things can happen, good and bad, from the initial idea for the company, to launching and getting it off the ground, and then working hard to see it grow. Forto has been through exactly this cycle and Masashi Beheim, now the […]

From a Software Engineer Working in the Logistics Industry

Having a penchant for problem-solving through code, I have been searching for complex domains with challenging problems. These problems, although everywhere, have been approached and tackled by a lot of brilliant minds around the world. As such, coming to Forto and discovering the mammoth that is the logistics industry was a humbling experience. Entry into […]