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Octo Actuators’ Digital Transformation in Supply Chain Management with Forto


A Partnership Rooted in Digital Innovation 

Octo Actuators is a leading supplier of ultra-flat drive technology for various household furniture, including slatted bases, upholstered and BoxSpring beds, as well as motor-adjustable drive systems for mattresses (E-Motion) and upholstered furniture. Manufactured in Germany, their patented and maintenance-free systems are recognized globally for their quality and reliability.


Octo Actuators turned to Forto, a European digital freight forwarder, in 2022. Offering a one-stop solution for quoting, booking, and shipping containers, Forto’s platform presented a significant upgrade for Octo Actuators’ logistics operations.


Forto’s digital platform provides Octo Actuators with real-time comparisons of different transport options, itemized shipment prices, and an effortless booking process. Once a booking is placed, the platform allows for easy tracking of shipments and access to all associated documents in one place. All communication can be tracked within the platform, enhancing collaboration and providing an overview of transport operations in real time.

“Forto’s platform is a blessing for anyone looking to ship products internationally in a fast and reliable manner. It is intuitive and effortless; what Forto’s platform delivers is peace of mind for my team and me”  Peter Laudner, Head of Logistics, at Octo Actuators. 


Forto’s Biofuel: A Game-Changer in Sustainable Logistics

In July 2023 Octo decided to utilize Forto’s innovative biofuel for all ocean transport. This move is more than a business decision; it’s a testament to their shared commitment to environmental stewardship.


Forto’s biofuel is not your average alternative fuel. It’s sourced primarily from sustainable waste streams, such as used cooking oil, turning potential waste into a valuable resource. This biofuel reduces 100% of greenhouse gas emissions, making it a powerful tool in the fight against climate change.


“We initially chose Forto because of their digital offering. With their sustainable portfolio, we have found the perfect partner for our transport.” Peter Laudner, Head of Logistics, at Octo Actuators. 


The Sustainability Edge: Navigating the EU ETS with Biofuel

The introduction of the EU Emission Trading System (ETS) in 2024 brought new challenges for companies in terms of compliance and additional costs. By shipping with biofuels, Octo Actuators not only reduces its carbon footprint but also smartly navigates the financial implications of the EU ETS.

“Shipping with biofuel is a strategic choice to address the EU ETS fees head-on. It’s about being environmentally responsible and economically prudent”  Peter Laudner, Head of Logistics, at Octo Actuators. 


A Model for Future Logistics

The collaboration between Octo Actuators and Forto is more than just a business partnership; it’s a model for the future of logistics. Their combined focus on sustainability and digital innovation sets a benchmark for others in the industry.


As we look forward, the question is not just about how we can make logistics more efficient, but how we can make it more responsible. For more information about Forto’s biofuel options and digital logistics solutions, visit