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Powering the Future: How Enpal’s reduces 100% of seafreight emissions

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In their mission to lead the solar energy sector, Enpal encountered a significant hurdle: finding a logistics partner able to match their sustainability commitments to help them minimise emissions during the transport of their solar modules and storage systems. Forto, the first European digital logistics provider, had the perfect solution to help Enpal reduce 100% of its self-routed sea transport emissions. Their collaboration not only addressed logistical challenges but also reinforced a mutual commitment to sustainability.


A collaborative journey

Enpal and Forto’s collaboration began with the transportation of solar modules from Asia to Germany. This partnership, rooted in trust and a shared vision, evolved to encompass the entire sea freight operation of Enpal by 2023.


Steffen Reckert VP Logistics at Enpal, reflects on this partnership: “There are two main reasons why we choose Forto exclusively in our freight forwarding business: first, the very personal contact and availability of the Forto team, and second, the Forto platform, where we can track our shipments and easily manage our documentation.”


Forto’s platform for logistics management helps Enpal streamline their sustainable ocean shipments. With complete visibility over the status of all their shipments, in addition to the advanced document management capabilities and access to exceptional customer service, Forto’s digital platform provides the transparency and control necessary to achieve ambitious environmental goals.


Driving efficiency with biofuel-powered transport

The transportation sector is a significant contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. For Enpal, transporting solar modules and storage systems across seas presented a challenge to its sustainability goals. Enpal needed a solution that would align with its commitment to reducing its carbon footprint while maintaining efficiency and reliability in its supply chain.

The solution was a strategic partnership with Forto, utilizing biofuel for ocean transport to reduce 100% of the related transport emissions.

The first phase saw the successful shipment of 30 containers using biofuel for emission reduction. The biofuel is utilized wherever it is available, irrespective of the specific cargo, ensuring a balanced and sustainable approach.


Shipping with biofuel, how does it work?

Forto biofuel, derived from used cooking oil, residual materials, and industrial waste, cuts greenhouse gas emissions by 84% compared to fossil marine fuels. To achieve 100%, Enpal and Forto employed an “over-allocation” strategy, using more biofuel than needed for transport, effectively nullifying the carbon footprint of all seafreight shipments.

This initiative has enabled Enpal to effectively reduce its sea transport emissions to zero but it does not stop there. Enpal is also conducting a comprehensive carbon footprint analysis to establish transparent, measurable targets for further reduction, guiding its journey towards net-zero emissions.


Our customers have chosen our products because they care about our planet. Our aim is to minimise emissions during the production, transport and installation of our solar modules. By shipping with biofuel, we can effectively reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of our own sea transport by 100%. Our partnership with Forto supports our vision of a simple, sustainable and cost-efficient transition to renewable energy.” Henning Rath, Chief Supply Chain Officer, Enpal.


Charting the path to zero emissions

The partnership between Enpal and Forto is a testament to their dedication to sustainable practices and innovation in the logistics and solar power industries.  Enpal’s commitment to a comprehensive carbon footprint analysis and setting clear, measurable reduction targets exemplifies this and sets the groundwork for future collaboration.



About Enpal Enpal, the first green energy European unicorn, is a trailblazer in the German solar energy sector, offering integrated renewable energy solutions. With a focus on residential solar systems, Enpal has become a market leader since its founding in 2017. The company’s innovative rental and purchase models, coupled with its holistic approach to energy management, have garnered significant investor interest and customer growth. For more, visit 

About Forto Forto advances the vision to deliver a highly transparent, frictionless, and sustainable digital supply chain. Forto logistics and technology solutions provide visibility, information, and control across the supply chain for our customers. Leading manufacturers and e-commerce firms are among Forto’s 2.500 digitally-focused supply chain customers. For details, read the press release here