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The Taric describes the single European tariff, the Integrated Tariff of the European Communities (tariff douanier integré des Communautés Europeénnes). It is used for processing imports and exports from the European Union (EU) and made available by the EU Commission as an electronic database. The Taric uses the code number to assign goods to the respective tariff rates: the first eight digits of the ten-digit Taric number correspond to the customs tariff number, and the other two digits represent EU customs policy measures, such as trade policy measures such as anti-dumping duties or import and export restrictions. Companies can use the Taric to determine the customs duties due before importing or exporting the goods.

The Taric only includes EU-wide customs duties and regulations; however, national provisions are not included. For Germany, these can be found in the Electronic Customs Tariff (EZT).