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Octo Actuators partners with Forto for sustainable ocean freight using biofuel

Berlin, 29th February 2024

Forto, the leading European digital freight forwarder, today announced that Octo Actuators, renowned for its unique drive systems for bedding and furniture, has decided to ship all its ocean transport with biofuel. The first 25 containers have already been shipped. 

A German “hidden champion” that embraces digital logistics 

Octo Actuators acclaimed for their maintenance-free, ultra-slim motor technologies, meticulously designs, develops, researches, and assembles in Germany, having earned numerous patents for their cutting-edge solutions. As a digital frontrunner, Octo Actuators has been using Forto’s platform since 2022 to quote, book and ship containers from Asia to Germany by sea, air and rail. Forto orchestrates transport from the port of loading to the warehouse, including customs and transit clearance, fiscal duty processing and onward trucking. 

“Forto’s platform is a blessing for anyone looking to ship products internationally in a fast and reliable manner. You can compare real-time offers for different modes of transport with itemized shipment prices and place your bookings online within a few clicks. Once the booking is placed, you can keep track of your shipments and all associated documents in one single place so that you have an overview of your transport, in real time and at your fingertips. The in-platform messaging system ensures that all communication is tracked and available to everyone, enhancing collaboration. It is intuitive and effortless; what Forto’s platform delivers is peace of mind for my team and me,” said Peter Laudner, Head of Logistics, at Octo Actuators. 

Biofuel reduces 100% of transport’s greenhouse gas emissions for sea FCL & LCL

Octo Actuators is striving to reduce its carbon emissions and has already implemented a set of measures, including the installation of a photovoltaic system on the roofs of their headquarters, producing 750 megawatts of electricity per year, the use of an electric fleet, and the reduction of packaging. While using Forto’s platform is part of a deliberate effort to reduce its use of paper, shipping with biofuel is a way to bring their sea freight emissions down to zero. In 2024, Octo Actuators will focus on reducing the emissions released during the production of its products and by its suppliers.

“We initially chose Forto because of their digital offering. When we discovered Forto was also offering sustainable solutions, it felt we had found a partner that could identify and solve every single one of our pain points. Our ocean freight is now exclusively transported with biofuel, effectively reducing 100% of greenhouse gas emissions of our maritime transport. We look forward to using further innovative products from Forto to help us minimize our impact on the environment”, said Peter Laudner, Head of Logistics, at Octo Actuators.   

Since July 2023, Octo Actuators has been shipping 100% of its sea Full Container Load & Less than Container Load containers with biofuel. Forto uses only second-generation biofuels produced from sustainable waste streams. As with green electricity, the emission reduction is achieved on another vessel and allocated to customers interested in reducing emissions. The correct allocation is verified by independent auditors. By opting for biofuel, Octo is stimulating demand for sustainable solutions in transport logistics and accelerating the industry’s sustainability transformation.

Net-zero ocean freight  avoids additional cost stemming from the EU ETS allowances 

Shipping with biofuel is not only a way to achieve net zero ocean freight emissions; it also avoids additional costs foreseen by the EU Emission Trading System (ETS). When shipping with biofuels, these charges do not apply. 

“Forto’s comprehensive portfolio, including digital and sustainable offerings, meets our needs perfectly. With Forto, we have a strong partner at our side that has thought of everything from quote management to seamless booking and tracking as well as compliance with international legislation. We are grateful to have a partner who we can count on, whatever transport challenge comes our way,” said Peter Laudner, Head of Logistics, at Octo Actuators. 

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