Whistleblower Channel

We foster open communication and feedback culture and offer multiple channels to report concerns, both internally and externally.

We want to make sure that you choose the option you feel most comfortable with. Please be aware that we will protect the identity of the whistleblower no matter what communication channel you choose and guarantee absolute protection from any reprisals.

Forto has implemented a secure and confidential telephone and web-based system for reporting any concerns regarding doubtful business conduct or unlawful activities.

You can use the Whistleblower Channel to submit any issue or concern regarding violations of laws and regulations as well as internal policies and procedures, including violations of the Code of Conduct and Code of Conduct for Business Partners, complaints about violations of human rights and environmental risks that you observe in the course of Forto’s business activities and operations.

In addition Forto has implemented a procedure for complaints related to environmental risks, human rights and diligence in the supply chains falling into the scope of the German Act on Corporate Due Diligence Obligations in Supply Chains (“the Supply Chain Act”). You can use the Whistleblower Channel for that by selecting the respective category “Supply Chain”.

This reporting channel allows for anonymous reporting.

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