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Save cost by switching your freight forwarder

In the global transport process, situations can arise in which you have to change your service provider, especially your logistics service providers. This is easier said than done. This checklist will help you take the appropriate steps so that nothing falls aside.


How do I recognize that I need a new freight forwarder?

How can I reduce the fear of change?

How do I evaluate the trustworthiness of my freight forwarder? 

Much of the world has evolved from an old to a digital economy, but the supply chain industry has not kept pace. Consumers like you were once satisfied with a black box about their delivery window, but now you want to get control and transparency about your shipment status from your forwarder. Your team can not manage your supply chain via phone, email and spreadsheets, but that’s still the standard in freight forwarding. Changing vendors for your business requires a serious commitment, but if your current freight forwarder is not working well for your company and your global shipments continuously arrive late, you could be losing business and wasting time.