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Drop Fee

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A drop fee (AKA drop off fee or bobtail fee) happens when the delivery trucker is required, due to time constraints, to drop off an FCL container at the warehouse to be unloaded, and pick it up after the unloading is complete.

Why do Drop Fees occur?

Most container deliveries by truck happen via either live unload or drop off. Truckers usually only allow 1-2 hours of free wait time for their container to be unloaded before they begin to charge a truck wait fee. Therefore, if the container cannot be unloaded within this time frame (due to a congested warehouse or unpalletized cargo), it makes sense for the trucker and costs less for you for the container to be dropped off and picked up later (usually within 48 hours). This drop off and pick up requires an extra trip for the trucker and thus a drop fee is assessed.

How does Forto determine if it is necessary?

Forto will work with the trucking companies and warehouses to determine if live unload or drop off is better for your shipment.

Drop Fee