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Wünsche-Group: Solving a tough freight challenge in times of crisis.

When complex supply chains are challenged, you need a strong partner.


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Many years of experience in importing goods from Asia distinguishes the from Hamburg. The Hanseatic trading company is owner-managed in the third generation (since 1934) and combines more than twenty operating companies under one roof, each specializing in a particular product area - from canned goods to decorative items, stationery, textiles and electronics.



A trademark of the Wünsche-Group, according to Joschka Schroeder, Head of Logistics at Head Office Hamburg, is to supply customers on time at all times, even under time pressure. The core business of Wünsche-Logistics is sea freight import.


To transport several million community masks from Asia to Germany, which went into production at different times, in the shortest possible time, split them up by recipient and forward them on time -- at the height of the corona crisis, when the supply chain was under immense pressure.


Good contacts both in Asia and in Germany, but above all the digital tracking of production, freight route and freight costs in real time and thus the ability to intervene and reroute immediately if necessary, as well as the constant responsiveness of the Forto team to ensure on-time delivery.


"Forto was always responsive, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. All parties involved were highly sensitized to the project and contributed to its smooth execution. It was important for us that the goods were delivered as agreed, and they were."

Joschka Schroeder

Director Logistics / Freight Management

Large, Important Project Under Time Pressure

At the beginning of 2020, however, in the Corona crisis, the Wünsche-Group had to import several million community masks as quickly as possible -- at a time when the supply chain was already under pressure anyway. The urgency of the goods supply made it necessary to import the masks by air freight in order to deliver them on time to the recipients. The biggest challenge was the time factor, but freight costs also played an important role.


Wünsche handed this delicate job over to Forto. Since spring Forto has been among the ocean freighters of the Wünsche-Group and agreed with Wünsche on the price and time specifications of what Mr. Schroeder called "a very large, very important project.”


The Forto team faced the challenge of coordinating the producers and suppliers and handling the transport. At the request of the wishes group, the first finished articles were to be delivered in advance and thus faster. Forto therefore carried out two charters and shipped three loose shipments.


Wünsche-Group Logistics Team

The next hurdle to overcome was the lack of cargo aircraft. Thanks to its local staff and close cooperation with partners in Asia, Forto found a solution to this problem: passenger aircraft were converted into cargo planes. Crates were stacked wherever the seats were normally located. Thanks to Forto’s digital platform, Mr. Schroeder and his team were able to track shipments online in real time.


The time it took to move the shipments from the plane to the warehouse in Frankfurt was also a challenge due to the high number of packages — in terms of quantities, this typically takes up to a week for the airlines. Thanks to its good contacts with the airlines, Forto was able to reduce this time to a maximum of two days – in some cases they were already removed from storage on the day of arrival.


The Solution: Digitalization 

In the warehouse, the packages also had to be divided according to the respective recipients. To make all this possible, Forto employees worked on this job around the clock, seven days a week, because uncertainties such as customs inspections and thus time delays had to be taken into account. 


Fortos Director Global Air Freight, Andreas Kayser, commented: „As a team, we place a great deal of importance on building a partnership with our customers: they are not ONLY customers for us. After all, close cooperation helps to ensure that, even in times like Corona, supply chains never break down and that the end customer is provided with products that are particularly important – such as respirators and gloves – quickly and repeatedly.”


Thanks to digitalization, Forto has been able to deal well with all these challenges. The Wünsche-Group and Forto were able to see at all times whether articles still needed to be produced, where the individual packages were located at all times and where there were challenges that needed to be overcome. In these cases, Forto’s employees were able to intervene immediately to solve those challenges.


High Flexibility Ensures Success

Joschka Schroeder of the Wünsche-Group summarized the cooperation with Forto as follows: „Forto was always responsive, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. All parties involved were highly sensitized to the project and contributed to its smooth execution. It was important for us that the goods were delivered as agreed, and they were.“ In response to the question as to how the cooperation will now continue,Mr. Schroeder said: „Provided that the performance in the airfreight sector remains at a consistently high level and the prices are or remain competitive, we will of course continue to handle airfreight with Forto in addition to our day-to-day business.” 


The entire airfreight team at Forto is of course already looking forward to this important collaboration. 

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