Climate protection

Our mission: To make global trade more sustainable and reduce our own footprint.


The logistics industry in general carries a great responsibility when it comes to protecting our climate. As a provider of technology and services for global trade, it is therefore important for us to make an active contribution to greater sustainability.


Our contribution to more sustainability.

1. The design of our offices

A first step is the climate-friendly design of our offices, by which we already reduce our individual contribution to the overall balance of CO2 emissions. To achieve this, we are committed to planning and implementing various initiatives to promote sustainability with the active support of our internal Climate Action Group. These include the use of energy-efficient LED lamps on our premises without exception, the purchase of green electricity and the provision of exclusively local, vegetarian and vegan organic food for our employees. We have also made our travel policies environmentally friendly by providing for business travel within Germany only by rail and by instructing our employees to give preference to public transport over taxis and rental cars.


2. CO2 emission compensation

We have determined our CO2 footprint by considering all our internal processes. On this basis, we calculated the necessary compensation, which we donate to a climate protection organisation in the form of an annual offset amount. Our partner is committed to promoting, developing and financing renewable energies in over 15 countries around the world.


3. Support for Rwanda

We voted internally and decided to support a project in Rwanda when selecting the climate protection organisation. Under this project, private households will be equipped with efficient cooking stoves to reduce deforestation, improve the quality of life on site and ensure the health of the inhabitants.



CO2 compensation of your transports.

Customers are increasingly opting for brands that consider and live sustainability as one of their core values. We expressly support this and would like to help our customers to make their entire supply chain climate-neutral. We offer our customers the possibility to offset the calculated emissions of their shipments with our CO2 offsetting offer. Based on your shipment volumes, transport modes and distances of the individual shipments, we determine the resulting emissions and the costs incurred for offsetting these emissions. After you have successfully donated the offsetting amount, you will receive a certificate from our partner confirming the amount of emissions offset by your donation. So by taking a proactive role in climate-conscious initiatives, you can highlight the shared values of your company and your customers.



If you would like to find out more about how you can make your logistics carbon-neutral, please contact your Forto account manager or [email protected].


Ferry Heilemann as one of the Initiators for Climate protection

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