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From China to Amazon FBA Warehouse in 7-8 Days: A Guide to the Advantages of Air Freight Express Shipping

Air transport of goods is a frequently used and popular shipping option when importing from China. The goods are either stowed in the lower decks of passenger planes or shipped in cargo-only planes. Air freight express shipping is often used when inventory is running low fast (perhaps due to an unexpected spike in consumer demand) and the seller wants to avoid an out-of-stock situation.

If you are importing goods from China, you may have already considered organizing air freight to Amazon’s warehouse. However, shipping with the major suppliers is often expensive. In addition, the goods must be delivered to you before they are shipped to the Amazon warehouse. These inefficiencies are now a thing of the past, because providers specialized in Amazon FBA now offer a full-service airfreight shipment at fair conditions.

To help you decide whether to import by air freight, this article explains who is suitable for (and would benefit most from) air freight shipping. We’ve also provided step-by-step instructions so that you can easily ship your goods from China to the Amazon warehouse.

For which products is air freight shipping suitable?

Whether air freight shipping is suitable depends on which products you want to import:

Large and heavy products

For particularly large, bulky goods or a large quantity of goods, shipping by sea freight is usually the cheaper and better choice. Here you have the possibility to book the service of a sea freight transport guarantee, so that you can achieve a reliability comparable to air freight.

Very small and light products

If you want to import small quantities that fit into a standard box, or your product is very small and light, the best solution is usually to ship by express, e.g. DHL Express, UPS Express, or FedEx Express.

All other products

For all other products, transport by regular air freight is a good option. We recommend orders of 1m3 (cubic meter) or more.

Air freight has two decisive advantages over transport by sea freight:

Faster – The further the distance, the more you benefit from shipping by air freight, since an airplane is simply the faster mode of transport.

More reliable – Due to strict flight schedules and independence from weather conditions, air freight is also much more reliable.

With the standard providers mentioned above, you can receive your order within a few days, but upon delivery you will have to send it to Amazon yourself.

But there is another way: The new service from Forto (formerly Freighthub) enables you to ship your goods from China to Amazon’s warehouse in only 7-8 days. Forto not only takes care of the transport and customs clearance for you, but also brings the goods directly from the airport in Germany to Amazon’s warehouse, saving you time and effort.

Below you will find a summary of how you can easily book an air freight express shipment with Forto:

Instructions: 5 steps to air freight shipping with Forto

If you want to ship by air freight, we recommend the new offer from our cooperation partner Forto.com.

Forto enables you to send a quotation request online easily and conveniently and then to book the express shipment via air freight directly online.

Step 1: Choose the mode of transport

In the first step, select „Air“ for shipment by air freight.

Step 2: Specify origin

Then enter the place of origin.

Step 3: Enter destination

Enter the exact address of the destination here.

Step 4: Specify shipment details

Then enter the box dimensions and weight of your shipment, the type of goods and the date from which the goods are available.

Step 5: Select additional information and services

Here you can enter additional information and select the following services:

  • Amazon FBA – Packaging and Labelling according to Amazon standards
  • Buyer’s Consolidation Serviceconsolidation in the country of origin
  • Customs clearance
  • Insurance
  • Special equipment – e.g. refrigerated containers
  • Dangerous goods

You will then immediately receive your offer from Forto, which you can also book directly online.

The following screenshot shows an excerpt from Forto’s online platform, where you can conveniently enter your desired services, as illustrated here for air freight shipping.


Advantages of shipping by air freight with Forto

The advantages of shipping by air freight with Forto are obvious:

Individual advice – You will receive individual advice and can ask questions at any time, completely free of charge! The experts will help you not to forget any documents or other information even before ordering. You can reach the team of experts e.g. at [email protected].

Optimal support – Customs clearance is handled by Forto and is supervised by Forto. Everything is checked manually and you receive feedback. In addition, you can check the current status of your delivery online at any time.

100% transparency – You receive an exact listing of all costs for comparison, controlling and accounting.

For more information about Import & Logistics we recommend our Amazon FBA Import Guide.

Conclusion on air freight for Amazon dealers:

Depending on the size and quantity of the products you want to ship, air freight may be a good choice. It is not only the fastest, but also the most reliable form of transportation.

You can make a quote request directly online with Forto and then book directly. In this way, you are optimally supported so that the transport of your goods runs smoothly and without complications for you.