Why I love being an engineer at Forto

As an engineer, my goal has always been to work in an environment that allows me to focus my time and expertise where they are most needed–solving complex challenges. This is exactly what I have at Forto. Here my time is well respected, my opinions are heard, I’m part of a talented team, and I’m […]

Break up your monolith: give teams the freedom to scale with micro frontends

Your frontend codebase is growing. It started out small, but now there are multiple teams working on different parts of it and deployments are taking a little longer every month. You weren’t able to release a feature, or worse, a bug fix, because tests for code owned by a different team started failing.  Does any […]

Welcome to the Forto technology team blog

Oh no, not another tech blog! On the day we launched this blog in March 2021, the internet had more than 600 million blog posts! [According to internetlivestats.com]. That’s a very big number. Even if you discount the blogs that are not of interest (to me), irrelevant, or simply poorly written, you’d still need several lifetimes […]