Customer Centricity macht auch vor dem E-Commerce keinen Halt

Der Begriff Customer Centricity wird von Onlinehändlern nicht selten als USP bzw. Wettbewerbsvorteil gegenüber anderen Unternehmen genutzt. Kunden erwarten beim Onlineshopping dieselbe Betreuung, die sie auch im stationären Handel erhalten. Oft hört die hoch gelobte Customer Centricity jedoch nach dem Klicken des Checkout-Buttons auf. Sollte sie aber nicht! Den Begriff Customer Centricity habe mittlerweile die […]

Making Sense of Even More Types of Shipping Costs

In part 1 of this series, we looked at some of the more well-known shipping costs including ocean freight, BAF, CAF and landside costs such as cartage, wharfage. However, there are several other costs which may be imposed on the customer and we will look at those costs in this second part of the series. […]

Transparency and Lack of It – Who is Carrying My Freight?

Lessons were learned in the Hanjin collapse as some shippers and forwarders realized, albeit too late, that their freight was on Hanjin ships. Often this is the case when dealing with ocean freight alliances. Although alliances can provide operational efficiencies among its member carriers, basic information such as knowing who really transports your freight often […]

Who Knows How Much They are Spending on Freight Transportation

Do you know how much it really costs to move your freight? It’s not as easy as one may think.  There’s the transportation rate, or rates if more than one mode is used; surcharges; customs duties and taxes and more. These costs can add up and leave customers scratching their heads in confusion. The numerous […]

Forwarding costs – Container shipping improvements

The continuously falling freight rates cause pressure to lower the freight forwarding costs. This forces the container shipping industry to find improvements for the construction of ships. Also, freight forwarders are relying on technological progress starting at the organization of cargo shipments. For more than seven years, the once booming container shipping industry has been in […]

Container shipping: TTIP to end crisis

TTIP is expected to breathe new life into container shipping industry Overcapacity and the stagnating world trade have thrown the container shipping industry  into a crisis. TTIP might be able to get the contested market moving again. In view of a hardly growing world trade, the lasting crisis within the container shipping industry has turned […]