A strong team to revolutionize the supply chain.

Michael Wax-exec

Michael Wax

CEO & Co-founder

Michael is co-founder and CEO, leading the team and strategic direction of Forto. A true entrepreneur with a strong passion for innovation in global trade and e-commerce, Michael was part of the founding team at KONUX, an early pioneer in industrial IoT.


Michael frequently speaks on the future of logistics at conferences and in the media. Originally hailing from Munich, he is a fervent cyclist, keen investor and champion for grassroots political engagement.

Erik Muttersbach

CTO & Co-founder

Erik is Forto’s visionary and technical lead with Engineering, Product and Data teams under his purview. Someone who always explores new technologies, Erik is an entrepreneur at heart and previously co-founded three companies in the B2B space, the first at age 19.


Originally from Rostock by the Baltic Sea, Erik comes from a family of seamen and is a passionate sailor. He also loves animals, and other Forties are used to regular visits from his dog Plato at the office.


Dr. Michael Ardelt


As a long-term COO and MD at Forto, Michael is responsible for all global operations and sustainability initiatives. Michael brings strong entrepreneurial credentials as founder and CEO of TheAmazeAPP, acquired by Zalando.


With a doctorate in automation technology and previous experience being a consultant at BCG, Michael combines a keen eye for operational detail with a strong interest in strategy and organisational design. Originally from Bavaria, he divides his spare time between mountain and sea in the pursuit of adrenaline sports.

Guillaume Petit-Perrin


Guillaume manages financial planning & processes, legal and compliance at Forto. Before joining Forto, Guillaume was an Investment Banker with J.P. Morgan for 18 years, where he advised companies on mergers & acquisitions, debt and equity raises, across multiple sectors and geographies.


Guillaume grew up in Burgundy (France), and over the past 20 years has lived in Paris, London and New York. When not behind his computer, Guillaume can be found playing with his 2 children, snowboarding, sailing or playing the piano.


Kenneth De Spiegeleire


Kenneth relishes the challenge of bringing innovative technologies to new customer segments and markets. In addition to executive roles at Cisco and Vodafone, he has scaled field operations at security, IoT and cloud start-ups, such as Dropbox.


Having returned to Europe after 5 years in Silicon Valley, he is now putting all of his energy into expanding our customer outreach and growing our market presence globally. When not forecasting or evangelizing, he indulges in skiing, tennis, non-fiction and Belgian pastry.

Barzel Segal

Executive Vice President Engineering

Barzel loves technical challenges. He joined Forto because he believes that building technology in logistics will have a huge impact on sustainability and global trade. Having led machine learning, search, and predictive analytics at Workday, he is instrumental in developing and executing Forto’s technology vision.


Prior to Workday, Barzel held senior engineering and professional services positions at Identified and Mindjet, as well as consulting for many of the largest SaaS companies. He studied Philosophy and Cognitive Science and in his free time likes to ride bikes, fly hang gliders and paddle kayaks.


Kamil Rodoper

Executive Vice President Product

After 18 years in Silicon Valley, Kamil joined Forto to set the strategic direction for its product suite. Based on his experience at Lyft, Glassdoor and Microsoft, Kamil is no stranger to companies that have changed the course of traditional markets through technology and innovation.


At Lyft, Kamil held the position of Vice President of Product for Fleet Technologies, and was the General Manager for the Express Drive business, leading the technology, operations and vehicle supply chain teams. On the personal front, Kamil is proud of his vinyl collection, loves the great outdoors and practices jiu-jitsu.

Dr. Fabian Struck

Executive Vice President Strategy

Fabian drives strategic business initiatives for Forto that fuel the next phases of Forto’s growth. He draws upon many years of management consulting experience from McKinsey, where he advised leading transport and logistics companies.


In his free time, Fabian plays tennis, supports his favorite soccer club and enjoys a sunny day at the river Alster in his hometown Hamburg.