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Intelligence for the Supply Chain: Order Management 4.0

Global supply chains are becoming more and more complex and the coordination of all parties involved in the supply process – from suppliers and forwarders to warehouse personnel – is becoming increasingly challenging. The manual transfer of status and shipment data from the individual parties to the ERP system not only involves a great deal of manual effort, but is also prone to errors without providing the necessary transparency. For this reason, the demand for new logistics technologies with seamless integration into the existing system landscape is growing.


Lack of transparency and its effects on supply chain management

Overview of how modern order management solutions work

Results through the use of Order Management 4.0

[EXTRACT] Supply Chain Challenges Require Innovative Solutions


There has always been a strain on supply chains. Seaports or airports, for example, might shut down temporarily due to political upheavals or bad weather conditions that make it impossible for cargo to arrive on time. The year 2020, however, has shown just how much pressure the supply chain can come under if there are longer-lasting disruptions, such as the corona global pandemic.

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