Chinese New Year 2021: What is Important for Retailers Now?

The Chinese New Year 2021 runs from February 12 to February 26, with a total celebration period of 15 days. Every year, Chinese New Year brings with it the risk of delays in transport and rising freight costs. Digital solutions for the supply chain on product-level provide help.   For importers, Chinese New Year (CNY) […]

Full supply chain visibility: How digital order management ensures flexibility

Germany’s logistics experts still track products mostly manually Lack of information from the supply chain now particularly shocks companies Digital order management systems create competitive advantages not only in times of crisis   Every company – every manufacturer, every retailer – knows how important it is that products arrive on time. It doesn’t matter whether […]

How to prepare for Black Friday as an online retailer

Whether it is Black Friday, Cyber Monday, the upcoming holiday season or any other special holiday, if you are an online seller, there is one thing you need to be: BE READY. Because one thing is certain: These days are an excellent opportunity for you to boost your sales and compete with your rivals.  Why […]

LCL transports – The Flexible Alternative for Small Quantities of Goods

What are the reasons for relying on a partial load instead of a whole container? What do I have to consider when sending LCL shipments? How to optimise your cash flow with clever, flexible transport solutions    LCL – this abbreviation stands for Less than Container Load in logistics. Put simply, this form of transport […]

Low water in 2020: Small level, big impact

You’d think in 2020 we’d be up to our necks in water. Unfortunately, this is not the case for Germany’s inland waters. For years, the long periods of drought have led to low water levels in spring and summer. If the lack of precipitation continues, a period of low water must be expected from May […]

IMO 2020 is coming: Why and How to Reduce CO2 Emissions in the Logistics Sector

Sulfur, pollutants, and especially pollution is incredibly hazardous for the environment, and they are rampant in the logistics industry. Find out what this means for the industry and what Forto is doing to help fight global warming. In this blog article, you will learn what steps you can take to reduce your production.  New IMO […]

FreightGate: The bridge for faster supply chain management

How the right communication process and data management style augment shipment handling and reduce risk. In international shipment management unnecessary workload changes and failure to communicate efficiently and effectively lead to errors and delays in shipment processing. Multiple stakeholders, dozens of calls, variations of documents, process steps, and diverse transport management systems (TMS) complicate international […]